About Us


"Must love dogs!"
That's our family motto.

We live in the Texas Hill Country on 14 acres
between Austin and San Antonio.

"This is God's country!"

We enjoy living at Canyon Lake
and spend as much time at the marina as possible.

"We love taking our boat out on the lake!"

All our dogs are registered with the AKC
unless they are rescues.

All our breeding dogs are microchipped with AVID chips.

We spoil our dogs with a 1700 sq. foot indoor air-conditioned kennel.

The kennel has heat, air-conditioning, Kuranda cots & skylights.

We rescue pot bellied pigs from time-to-time.
Our first pig "Wilbur"
loved the dachshund babies!

We have 14 acres and a creek -
Our yellow lab Harley loves swimming!

From 2008 to 2010, we built a log home exactly like this...
(click button to view construction photos)

Our guest cabin is attached on the left side
via a walk-thru library.

This is a famly operation where everybody gets involved...
(Here we are at the Buda Wiener Dog Races in 2010)

Karen (the mom) hails from Canada and
has been rescuing sick and unwanted dogs since 1985.
She enjoys riding motorcycles & horses.
She is a past volunteer with Seattle Beagle Rescue
and the Vancouver S.P.C.A.
Karen is a full-time novelist, mom, and
volunteer Girl Scout Trainer.
Her writing website is:

Around these parts the locals call her:
"Perro Loco Senora" (Crazy Dog Lady)

"See the mini dachshund on horseback?"

Sean (the dad) spent over 21 years at
Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana.
As a Vet Tech, he is qualified to administer vaccines
& medications, and analyze fecals and bloodwork here on site.
He spent the past 5 years as the Hospital Manager
at the San Antonio Zoo treating exotics and now
works part-time for our wonderful Veterinarians -
Dr. Todd Sebby and Dr. Mark Williams
Sean also works full-time for
South Texas Veterinary Specialists as a night nurse.

Daughters Jenna & Amy help out with the animals too!

They are our "Doggy Door Testers" Ha!

Son Matthew (now 21) likes computer games
and tries to avoid puppy poop duty at all costs.
Matthew attends University in Vancouver, B.C.
but does what he calls "kennel slave"
work when he's here in Texas.

We named our Kennel Office "Mellow Yellow"
and renovated it for our live-in kennel managers.

Our PT Cruiser is yellow too... "Little Miss Buttercup"
can be seen zipping around town and in local parades.
We decorate Buttercup every April for the Buda Texas WIENER DOG RACES!
("Buda or Bust")

"Bugsy" the French Bulldog is our Security Guard.
(Note her pink painted toe nails!)

"Snoozy" is our Office Manager and likes to
sun tan on his lunch breaks.
(He got his name because his favorite thing is snoozing.)
He is a 50 LB "Doxador" - half lab - half doxie!

Back in Canada, we got our start raising Labradors
by the Pacific ocean - these are some of our first dogs.

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Sorry, we no longer offer pet boarding
due to the risk of germs and diseases to our own stock.